WHO IS A BRAHMIN? –  The Brahmins are intellectual & knowledgeable persons in ancient India, they devoted their life to the study of Vedas & manuscripts.


Brahmins has played a very dominating role in the building of culture, tradition & society. They can be named as the founders of all culture & traditions. Here you could know how culture has evolved. According to the puranas Brahmins were created from the mouth of Brahma (the creator of universe) so that they might instruct mankind. This is why they had most to do with intellect. It is well recognized fact that knowledge is the only thing that remains with a person throughout life & Brahmins are truly source of knowledge for the society. They have given there contribution in various field like literature, science& technology, politics, yoga, astrology, music, religion all of which are building blocks of culture.


This house  Astro-Heritage is bestowed with generations of great astrologers who have served their knowledge in the form of astrological services for the welfare of every person of the society from king to the common man, It is a must visit place in rajasthan. Our forerunners have played a very vital role in the development of culture & tradition. They were highly respected man of society because with their knowledge they made forecast related to agriculture, weather, natural disaster, politics, & various aspects of life. Thus his services were beneficial to everyone. Their historical importance can be understood much better by some of their works mentioned below & same are practiced even today, which makes it best place to visit in rajasthan.


1) To make any important decision like starting a ceremony, a journey, a new venture, or commencement of studies, building new house etc. auspicious movement is considered very important as it is said that a better start means half a work done. An astrologer makes calculations for these after studying individual horoscope.


2) Panchangs are books describing planetary motions & is considered as base to make a horoscope. Our forefathers made very accurate handmade panchangs & this makes them significantly important.


3) Calculations regarding occurrence of solar & lunar eclipse, natural calamities, weather forecast etc. were made by astrologers. Through these forecast precautionary measures were taken in advance so that there would be less of losses.


4) The date of every festival is declared by us on the basis of panchangs & thereafter gates government approval to declare official holiday. Thus we have importance in the official work of government. This is practiced even today & we are the head astrologer of the marwar region. All festivals date is declared by government after being given written approval by us.


5) In the royal council astrologers have a very important position as they were considered as an important arm in political decision making process. Decisions regarding state affairs were taken after seeking there advise.


6) We were pensioner from the jodhpur darbar. They gave financial help to carry on astrological research.


When you reach this Brahmin house you will come across old mohallas (colony) of Brahmins. You will visit here a traditional royal Brahmin family which is devoted to astrology & has served as a head astrologer of the Marwar region. Books on astrology & panchangs were written here which are based on pure scientific & mathematical calculations. This place is a cultural house does not misunderstand it as a showroom. Objects displayed here are not for sale, undoubtedly best ancient place to visit in rajasthan.


India has varied form of cultural diversity among which certain culture are so varied, astonishing & quiet interesting to be known in depth. After reaching here you will get in touch with the roots of one of the most popular culture of ancient India the “Brahmin Culture”.


Problem solving thru Astrology services:


1) Your career guidance.

2) Resolving your family problems.

3) Problems in husband wife relation.

4) Social problems.

5) Business problems.

6) Money related problems

7) Health problems.

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