The multi ethnic groups, various languages, religions and a rich culinary taste are an integral part of the culture of Mumbai. The various religious groups exist side by side harmoniously and make Mumbai a culturally rich state.

A medley of religions, Mumbai is one of the most culturally rich cities of India. Traditional elements co-exist with modern trends, giving the culture of Mumbai its unique character. People from all walks of life come forward to participate in the colorful fairs and festivals. These vibrant festivals are essential ingredients of the Mumbai culture.

Bollywood has also had a great impact on the culture of the city. Traditionalism is well preserved in the art-deco apartments, but this city moves at a fast pace with time. A unique mix of the old and the new, Mumbai boasts of a rich cultural heritage.

Bollywood has influenced the people of Mumbai and the country in a major way. The people try to emulate the sartorial style of the superstars. Glitz and glamour dominate the lifestyle of the people living in the more cosmopolitan areas. The commoners seek happiness in almost everything, following a carefree attitude towards life.

The people are often referred to as Mumbaikars. These cheerful localites believe in making life bright and cheerful. Belonging to different religions and following various customs, Mumbai is a tapestry of secularism.

The people are strict followers of their religion, which is visible in the way they come together to let loose a riot of colors during festival time. Religion plays a dominant role in everyday life. The most predominant religion is Hinduism, with other religions sharing a harmony with each other.

The official language of Mumbai and the state is Marathi. The people mostly speak in Marathi. Besides Marathi, the people speak in Hindi, with a huge influence of a local accent.

The culinary features are intertwined with the culture of Mumbai. The culinary characteristics enrich Mumbai culture. A delectable array of tasty dishes is prepared, in keeping with the local culinary patterns. Food is synonymous with being delicious in this part of the country.

Throngs of foodie visit the Chowpatty beach to add a zing to their taste. A variety of spicy dishes are a hot favorite amongst the locals and the tourists here. If you want to add a zing to your palate, visit the Chowpatty Beach on Mumbai city tours.

A foodie’s paradise, The Chowpatty Beach is famous amongst those who relish Bhel Puri. If you want to treat your taste buds with a scrumptious plate of Bhel, visit the Chowpatty Beach. The yummy Bhel is prepared of puffed rice, chillies, a variety of sauces and chopped onions. It undoubtedly takes your appetite for a straight drive. You can tuck into other savories at the food stalls dotting the Chowpatty Beach.

If you are looking for a simple dining out experience in Mumbai, you can opt for the most popular thali, including curries, rice, curd, chapattis, vegetable, salad and sweets. Explore the culinary practices of Mumbai and get rich perspectives of the culture of the state.

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