Crime is present everywhere in every city and country. The only difference is that in some cities or countries the crime rate is lower while in other it’s higher. It’s all about the control of the police over the criminals. More the criminals are caught and punished; less would be the crime rate. So it all depends upon the effectiveness of the police department. The city of Toronto has quite a low crime rate and it has maintained this low rate for quite a period of time now. As a result, this city is reputed as a safer country in whole of the North America. Moreover, the recent Toronto Police Services stats show that the crime rate had been on a gentle decrease since 1998 and a total drop of 33% of all crimes have been recorded within the period of 1998 to 2009.

Toronto had not been as peaceful as it is now. It has a violent past with a high crime rate and a history of dangerous place to live in, with numerous gang members, people with unlicensed guns, killers, thieves, rapist, drug dealers etc. however the police department were able to overcome the problem one by one. Firstly the gangs were dealt with. They were at large, since 1998 to 2005 over 300 deaths have been made in the gang related violence. As a result American gang experts were called and along with them, the Toronto police department captured these gang members one after another. In late September 2005, Toronto police arrested 44 members of the Rexdale-based “ArdwickBloods Crew” also known as A.B.C. Over 1,000 charges were laid. Moreover, in May 2006 106 gang members who were part of “Jamestown crew” were captured and punished. Then in June of 2007 95 gang members were captured by the police department, including leaders of the Driftwood Crips and the sister of Jordan Manners, for a lengthy list of 700 criminal charges. In this way most of the gangs were caught.

In 2005, a term “year of the gun” was coined by the Toronto media. The reason was that the number of gun related incidents reached 52 out of 80 murders in total. In December 2006 a young girl was shot and killed. This agitated the civilians and they demanded the high court to ban the use of guns as result the rate of the crimes dropped to 69. However, small gun wave spread again in 2007, in which 84 murders took place, as a result the civilian called for gun ban. Then the murder rate dropped again and in 2009 it was below 60. These incidents made sure that illegal guns from the streets were banned and anyone using them was punished.

Toronto has a lower car theft and robbery rate than any other country in the North America. So it is said to be the safer cities. All of this is because of a vigilant and effective police system, which quickly responds to threat and try to cease it from causing damage to the society. Hence, making the life peaceful for the society.

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