If your home needs a damp proof course you should call in the help of an expert.

Very often , what you believe to be a damp issue in your home could actually just be as simple as condensation, but without an expert opinion you could be wasting your hard earned cash on something you actually don’t need to.

If your existing damp proof course has failed it could be because you have recently raised the ground level outside, for example, or possibly the level of your internal floors, both of these can cause you to suffer from rising damp.

You will often find in some older type buildings there was probably never was a damp proof course in the first place.

A variety of health issues can be brought on by a damp problem, such as asthma or other common allergies such as respiratory problems.

The biggest problem with damp is that once it has been allowed to take a hold it can lead to a variety of other problems such as mould and is then more difficult to deal with.

The problem with rising damp is that it defies gravity as water travels up your walls through your brickwork, or masonary and often occurs if your damp proof course is bridged, say by pointing the brickwork outside or rendering maybe even a blockage at the base of the cavity wall structure of your home.

Black mould on your walls and ceilings are caused by condensation, this can cause some issues with certain people, such as asthma sufferers due to the airborne spores floating around in the air so as soon as you see any sign of mould or damp, it’s a good idea to get somebody in as soon as possible to investigate.

Many years ago your home would be full of holes due to the way it was built, but with today’s modern living with everything so tight to keep the heat in condensation really is a modern day living issue.

So why not do it yourself?

A bit of damp proofing DIY?

Well, there are a lot of good DIY people out there, those with a natural gift for fixing things and can turn their hand to almost anything and are willing to give it a go, even rising damp.

Damp proofing is like anything else, this is why we have experts because damp proofing is not a job anyone can do on their own , and you need to know where to drill, where to put the damp proof, and what height and so on.

The way to do it is to inject a penetrating liquid into holes you have drilled into the walls, but they have to be the right distance apart so you don’t waste your efforts.

A waterproof barrier will be formed once the chemical you have injected in has been absorbed into the brickwork.

Another reason why you should always use a damp proof specialists is that the success of your damp proofing will depend on a number of factors such as the strength of the product used and the type of formulation.

Also remember, its not just a case of drilling a few random holes and injecting some chemical into them, there is the cleaning up afterwards, and a little bit of plastering and decorating to do too.

Damp can cause all sorts of problems especially with asthma sufferers so if you see any signs of damp or black mould, you will probably need to call in a Damp proof specialist.

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