There are some points for golf course that you must pay attention to:

First, throw cigarette butts anywhere, and spitting anywhere

Where bad habits are not changed, nor take into account other people’s looks. Not only in a court, you should bear in mind at any occasion. This is the most basic literacy for the gentleman.

Second, make a lot of noise

Before people going into the club, the noise has resounded through the hall, lest others do not know you visit. Answered the phone talking loudly, others not take the initiative to leave the tee, not after an apology to the golfers. Polite, if not treble, no matter what other people are not affected.

Third, wear improperly

Regardless of golf etiquette, dress fancy, casual, such as jeans.

Remember the following points when playing ball:

1. Coat have collar;

2. Wear shorts as well as stockings;

3. Wear plastic cleats when playing ball;

4. Do not wear fancy dress.

Fourth, be insincere

The ball off in the long grass, while others pay no attention to move the ball position; you can not find the ball while others do not pay attention to other alternatives; reporting of scores, and deceit.


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Ball products are embodied character, this time, if each match to be taken calmly, seriously like, do not care about the score, is a good way.

Fifth, play dawdle

Looking for 5 minutes before the ball made the signal; or play on the always hesitate.

Everyone wants to have a great level of each swing, but can not be ignored in pursuit of good performance on the speed. When walking faster to play, shots should be decisive. You should get to the ball position should the use of clubs, playing the line know what, keep in mind not to waste everyone’s time, it will be boring.

Sixth, finding fault with others

Feel imbalance in their hearts when other plays, or say something hurt others’ feelings, and even caused others to speak before the intention to swing false; if golfers playing well, then laugh at each other’s stance.

It is reasonable to give your friends’ advice, but you should talk properly. You should not laugh at other people’s posture, style of play, or give over view to golf players. Others played a bad ball to give encouragement, and after the shot strike the appropriate praise – this is true to the ball will be friends.

VII. think much of yourself

Do not listen to the arrangements and be noisy with the managers; hit the ball well and escape dancing damage greens; broke through another outlet, and even abuse caddy.


Golf has its own role in promoting peace on the character, and you should be relax and vent the way to talk with the management staff, caddies so that the next shot you can play better.

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