There are those of you that want to become something interesting in life. Some people find their “interesting life” within their work. What can be more interesting than having a job as a translator? It is great, you are helping those that cannot speak a certain language and you are filling up your life with pleasurable work. This article is specifically for those of you that are interested in becoming a Japanese translator.

Here is some helpful advice for you to become a successful Japanese translator.

If you do not already know it, learn the language that you want to translate. It is really impossible to be a Japanese translator if you cannot even speak the Japanese language. My advice is to get lessons, read some books, obtain software, or go to school. If you manage that then you will be closer to the goal of becoming a Japanese translator.

Practice makes perfect. You may already know the Japanese language. However, we are still human, which means we are still prone to forgetting. One day you may be trying to translate a few, but important, phrases and forget how to translate them. If you had practiced, you would obviously bypass this problem. Try practicing Japanese for 1 hour. This will make you a flawless Japanese translator. Do not forget to practice!

Be sure you give to your customer what you say you can offer. Have you ever ordered something at a store, picked it up, and took it home only to find that you did not get what you ordered? It is frustrating. The same applies to people ordering translation services from you. If you tell someone that you can translate Japanese, you better be able to put forth your claim. If not, you can say, “bye-bye” to being a Japanese translator. Make sure you do the above two pieces of advice!

Make sure you look professional. If you are in the business of translations, you are in business. If you are in business, you are a business person. If you are a business person, you better look credible. My advice is to get some clean clothes. You are going to be dealing with other people. Dress to impress your customers.

Make sure you understand the importance of marketing yourself to the world of people who need translators. You may know how to translate Japanese and you may be ready to take on customers. But, how are you going to get those customers if they do not know you exist? Learn how to market yourself. Tell people about your service everywhere. Put up your service on Craigslist; in your local classifieds; and, let all your friends and family know. Marketing is beyond the scope of this article. Learn more about it at your local library, or on Wikipedia and Google.

If you follow this advice you will be on your way to becoming a very useful and successful Japanese translator. Now my last piece of advice: Don’t just sit there, get to work now!

Cindy J. Jackson is a student and an advocate of the Japanese language and culture. Interested in learning Japanese? Check out this site

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