The world is a combination of different cultures developed with the passage of time. It is very interesting topic for me because when I think about the different cultures of the cities, countries it is very amazingly to me. The reason is that, I say that the culture of the people of a home should be the same and it is the same. Then why the progeny of one person (first person of the world) has thousand different cultures.

It is right that the rapid growth of the human being made it difficult to live together.  But when the men started to depart themselves they have the same language and other customs then what is the reason behind this that their next races changed their tongue and other customs. Anyhow the men would have to face this problem continuously.
Like other many typical cultures of the world the Lagos city has its own culture which is the topic of the article under view. As every culture has some attractions for the people of other cultures, the culture of the Lagos city has also so many attractions in it for the visitors. Being situated at a very charming location, icy island and a big city having all the requisite qualities it is an important point for the tourists who usually visit it, stay her in beautiful hotel, and purchase the different things of daily use from the whole sale markets of the Lagos city.

It goes without saying that thousand people visit the Lagos city in a year. When the other places are visited by the visitors, of course a curiosity is there to see the culture of the territory. It is why the culture of the Lagos has been made the topic of the magazines, newspapers, internet and the media. Besides there is a natural beauty in the culture of this city.

The salient features of the culture of this city are:-   
First of all the culture of Lagos by it location presents a musical scene. Basically it is an island and we know that all the islands are very beautiful. Thus the beauty of this city made by its locations, higher buildings, Mortal Muhammad international airport, museum, so many popular hotels can’t be refuted. Besides it is also called an ice berg.
Hip hop, juju, high life and Fuji are famous activities of the culture of this city. The tendency and positivity of the people of this city made these activities popular.  

A very large and interesting musical and film industry is there in the Lagos. So many super hit films and songs have been produced by the producers of this city. Besides the producers and directors along with the other actors from many countries come here for pasteurization of different scenes of their movies in the beautiful area of Lagos.
National arts are also the important features of this city. The arts available there at Lagos are learnt by the local people and outsiders with a great interest.

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