Conceive of a world without language… What would our life come to if language never existed? On the other hand, supposing our world just had single language to communicate wtih? Would having a lone language across the globe result in excellent intercommunication between persons of any country and cultural groups? Would a universal language expel confusions, argument and war?

As reported in the Bible, there was a united people talking in one language after the Great Flood, who created a great tower in the land of Shibnar to get away from being strewn all over the world. Once God spotted this though he declared, “They are one people and have one language, and nothing will be withholden from them which they purpose to do… Come, let us go down and confound their speech.”

The people’s communication was then befuddled that diffused them, leaving the tower, that was then on recognized as Babel (meaning to confuse.) Although it may appear that confusing the languages is a regressive step for humankind who have already found themselves united as one — I find that it was all for the better. Man is an innately adaptable being; we were not made like other creatures that carry out their lives on impulse. Each and every conscious moment we use up, we turn out learning something.

Bearing many languages across the earth is a challenge that we can beat and that which will help us enrich ourselves into better individuals. Just picture if nothing is hidden from us? What else are we supposed to discover? By assimilating other people’s tongue, we grow more connected and show a honest ardor to be one with that person. This, for me is a much acceptable manner of exposing our true self to others, than when there is nothing to confess from our words.


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