A guided meditation from the Carriers of Light

Let your desires float by you. Let yourself ease into a relaxed state of mind. Let your body relax; let your bones sink into the muscles around them. Let your bones move around. Feel the muscles soften around them. Let your mind come to a point of stillness. Let your thoughts no longer be busy with themselves. Let yourself feel a oneness with all of your parts.

Then feel freshness; feel as though you are in a garden. Above you is the sun – not just an ordinary light, but the sun of your consciousness, that which lights your awareness. Feel the warmth of this light, of this conscious sense of light, how it feels to be warm. Everything that you are is in this consciousness. You are this light. Let yourself feel this heat. Your thoughts are light, your feelings are light. This light is what you are, and it pours itself into you.

Then sense your awareness changing as you shift into a higher gear. Notice your vibrations changing. The new being that is you is now forming where the old being was. What you are now is your self, its newness forming around you within your consciousness. What you once were is now larger than it was… that’s all that happened. Sense this awareness as you grow larger in your consciousness. Become aware of the smaller parts of yourself. Feel yourself pulling toward things. Sense something, let yourself remember something that happened today, something you wanted. Notice how it feels to become aware of this. You’ll notice a physical sensation, something happening to you; you may find a muscle twitching, a sensation like this, a pulling toward the thing you remember. As you explore this further, you find that if you hold this in your consciousness – if you let yourself just hang on a little, “freeze” the idea – you may find that you can expand the energy. You can move to a higher plane of reality by using this energy as a focal point. Then you begin to see what you are. You can expand your frequencies, the meaning of your consciousness, how you see yourself at the new frequency levels. By focusing on something lower, you reach something higher. It’s like a stepping stone. Becoming aware of lower conscious thoughts brings you higher if you use it in this way.

Now focus again on something you once desired. Hold it in your consciousness, let it rest there. See it clearly for what it is: something that is just there. Now that you are apart from it, can you believe that it once held you so tightly in its grip? By separating yourself from it, you loosen its hold. By seeing it as a form of energy, you can keep it at a distance. The more you see it this way, at a slight distance from yourself, the less it holds you. Do not struggle against it: simply hold it there and remain aware of it.

Soften your consciousness, let it loosen, let yourself feel loose and relaxed. Feel yourself sensing life. How does it feel to be alive? How does it feel to be conscious? How does it feel to be in the world? See what happens when you let these ideas come to you. They take over! If you think of stress, stress takes over; if you think of your worries, your worries take over. By learning to detach, you will not be affected so much by this.

So learn to relax sometimes. As you are relaxing, think about the stresses of the world. See how they take over only a part of yourself, and how there is still a part that is unaffected by any of this. You are this consciousness, as well as the part of you that is affected. Even if the world is getting you down, a part of you is unaffected, it is not worried by anything. When you achieve more of that consciousness, you will be unaffected more of the time, and so you will be more even.

Now let yourself relax again. Sense your consciousness coming back. You’ll be getting up in a moment. Sense what happens when you tell yourself that you are going to get up. Notice how busy your thoughts become. Notice the difference between one state of mind and the other. Growth happens when you see this difference; at each new level of growth, you see a difference. Things grow and change. You are also a growing thing. Thus, if you have been hurt in the past you will grow out of it; problems of the past will become smaller as you grow. The things you used to be attached to will become less significant in relation to the higher wonders of the universe that you will find inside yourself.

You may now get up and return to where you were before we began. You know more now than you did before.

In a Nutshell

You are in a garden under the warm sun of consciousness.

As you grow larger, your old self seems smaller.

Visualize something you want. You see it pulling to you like a magnet.

Focus on this thing mentally, and hold it away from you.

Notice that whatever you think of seems to take over your mind.

Notice also that there is always a part of you that is separate.As you grow, this separate part of you becomes larger

and the problems of the world appear smaller.

You find the higher wonders of the universe within you,

and the things that you were attached to seem less important.

Joseph Schwartzman

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