Scholarship study awards can be given on the basis of the student’s grades. If the student achieves high performance in his study he can receive an economical benefit or aid. Scholarship study programs are different form economical aids that a university or an organization provides. These scholarships have to given only to the top students and in some legal conditions. Students that score high on their test are the ones that receive such a scholarship. There are also special scholarships granted to students that have a special area of expertise, like math or science. These students have to score high at these classes but also at every other class related to math or science like physics or geometry.

The scholarship provided by the university or by a special organization that acts like a donor can offer amounts of money that go from 400$ a month to 4000$ , but students can receive these under other forms of economical aid. They can have rent paid by the college or they can have free books and free public transportation. Other forms can include even cash money that the student can use to buy those things but also to sustain throughout the college.

Furthermore, special awards are granted to students that achieve results in their year of study, so this type of scholarship can give an increasing amount of money that is reflected by the student’s grades. A student can lose his scholarship if he fails to pass some exams or if he fails to pass the year of study. Semesters can be recovered and the scholarship not lost if the student can prove the fact that he had too much to study (if he goes to two universities at the same time or if he has extracurricular activities) or if he had too much to work. His appliance will be taken into consideration and analyzed by the committee that grants the scholarship.

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