The Central Private school of Polytechnic, Tunisia is a top educational establishment which has emerged due to restructuring of Central Private university and is adhered to the goal of providing a higher quality education in Tunisia.
This eminent institute is located in one of the best peripheral areas of Tunisia which is KRAM. Anyone can easily access the institute through modern Highway network which is well served by a network of buses and subway line. It offers a modern environment with new technology to help the students to thoroughly explore their chosen field.
All The Courses offered by this eminent Polytechnic school provide Diploma Certificates which are recognized nationally and internationally i.e. they have a global perspective. The courses are designed to train the students and develop a quality of responsible leadership in them, helping them to achieve innovative and advanced tasks. All the tasks, courses and practices are supervised by experienced professionals. The Central Private School of Polytechnic, Tunisia provides a great employment opportunity to its budding engineering students by identifying their caliber and encouraging them to prepare for a career that best meets their expectations and aspirations.
The polytechnic school welcomes all students from Tunisia and other foreign countries who wish to pursue engineering course in Computer, Biological, Chemical, Mechanical engineering and civil.
Training in this institute provides a highly reputed diploma in engineering or graduation DML(bachelors, masters , PhD ).
The Preparatory cycle of engineering studies in math\physics and physics\chemistry are accessible to scientific, technological and technical graduates.
The engineering course of total duration of three years is available to students:
1.Successful preparatory cycle to study engineering
2.Successful two years of higher education in a scientific or technical branch.
3.Holders of a license in a scientific or technical speciality.
4.Holders of OTC.
5.Holders of DEST( ISET diploma)

The students who hold a degree in scientific or technical branch can directly enter the second year of the course.
Studies leading to a license are available to students who hold a baccalaureate Tunisian, foreign or any other equivalent diploma.
Access to Masters Programs is open to students holding a license, a control, a diploma of engineering from Tunisia or any other equivalent degree.