Making good Direction is better than good speed. Hard work is the key to success. The students must pay close attention for their studies thought the year. Don’t waste time here and there. The objective of your study is to achieve success and knowledge in life. Therefore the student should not leave any way unturned which comes in way to gain more knowledge and confidence for their career. You need to study round the year with dedication and devotion and persistence. You must be serious in studies in the class as well in homes or in private tuitions.

Make sure of the following points- make a time table for daily routine. Get up early in the morning and go for a morning walk and read the newspaper. Always attentive in class. Listen the teachers carefully. Make a note of all points discussed in your note book. Put as many questions to the teachers again and again if you could not follow the method or could not clear the concept.

Note down the points discussed by the teachers in the notebook if you could clear the concept. Use pen of many colours. Make a practice at home and revise all the problems in details and make short notes for further studies. Even if there are still some points you could not follow, must put questions to the teachers next day. Provide time to each subject daily. Give extra time to the subject in which you are week.

You may request to teacher to give extra time for you. He/she will surely help because you are truthful and honest. Discuss your week subjects with your friends who are good in that subject. Enjoy study in the class and don’t feel nervous. Rich men have no faults. Must help your family members as and when you find a leisure time. This will give you satisfaction. This will also enhance your confidence. Read books besides your syllabus like Alchemist, made in china, think big, one minute manager, best quotation of each day, you can win puzzle A etc.

Summery- one who has work hard round the year keep all the suggestion given in the article is very well on the right track of success. Be remember books are for nothing but to inspire.

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